About Us

Photo by the talented Luke Mazurek Photography

We’re Patrick & Lorelai – newlyweds with typical debt and dreams of living a life enriched with purpose and happiness.

Two weeks after we got married, we bought an RV: a pull-behind travel trailer that we’ll be spending the majority of our time in over the next 2-3 years. We’ll be creating a retreat-style life for ourselves with minimal possessions and maximum happiness.

Through frugality, budgeting, and creativity we are aiming to pay down 100% of our debt in three years time. We’ll also be building up our savings, planning for retirement, and readying ourselves to buy a more stationary home.

Photo by the talented Luke Mazurek Photography

We are working together to create a rich life. By rich we mean plentiful, abundant, and full — full of love, laughter, challenges, learning, family, friends, and anything else that we might discover that brings us joy.

It’s so easy to become wrapped up in our schedules, jobs, possessions and commitments and forget about what matters in life. As we start out our married life, it feels right to be simplifying and setting ourselves up with an opportunity to learn and grow together.

Our hope is that this blog helps at least one person to gain control of their finances and create an intentional life that brings them joy.

Join us as we explore creative and frugal methods to become debt-free and create the life of our dreams! We’ll show you the steps we take, how it all works out for us, and what we learn along the way.